Maintenance Tips For Your Braided Wigs

One of the many benefits of using braided wigs is the durability you get to enjoy as you use it. However, the durability is often tied to how well you maintain the wigs. Although there are different braided wigs that are subpar, for the most parts, your maintenance steps are important.


To help you out, here are the best tips you can use to maintain your braided wigs and ensure they last long;


  • Use Warm Water

Caring for you braided wig entails keeping it clean periodically, usually based on how much you use it. You need to make sure you use warm water to wash your braids and not hot water. Hot water can destroy the wig by causing it to shrink and lose its form. It will also alter the fibres of your braids, which will cause them to fall.


  • Use A Good Shampoo

Ensure you check out the best shampoos for washing braided wigs before you decide to wash yours. There are several shampoos available on the market, however, a lot of them contain bad components that are toxic for any type of wig. Make sure you simply dunk your wig in a bath filled with warm water and shampoo. Do not scrub your wig.

Dip only the ends of your braids to make them straight and sleek.


  • Apply Hair Mousse

Mousse is always a great addition to your braided wig care regimen. Mousse will keep your wig looking sleek and straight. Be sure to add the mousse to your braided wig while it's still wet. That way, it can act as a form of conditioner.


  • Apply Essential Oils

Adding an essential oil to your braided wig is a great way to add shine and keep it looking luscious and brand new. You can use any essential oil of your choice to make your wig look brand new. You can also opt for a hair spray instead of essential oils.


  • Apply A Hair Refresher (Anti-odor)

Using an anti-odor on your wig will prevent any foul smell from the dampness. There are different brands of hair refresher to choose from. Simply check out your hair supply store and ask for a recommendation.


  • Avoid Heating Equipments

It's always advisable to wash your braided wig when you don't need to wear it because it's better for it to air dry. Air dryers are not great for your wig as it can cause a lot of damage. Essentially, braided wigs are made of synthetic fibers and heat can cause it to melt.


  • Avoid Sleeping With Your Wig On

Braided wigs are so lightweight and sometimes it's easy to forget you still have them on. However, sleeping with your wigs on encourages tangling in the tips.


  • Always Hang Your Braids

Storing your braids is just as important as keeping it clean. It's always better to leave your braids hanging as opposed to keeping it tied in a nylon bag. Braided wigs tend to get damp easily which makes it an easy location for bacteria to multiply. Keep your braids in an airy spot while they hang always.

You can do this by placing it on a mannequin's head or using a hanger.


Braided wigs are such an important beauty item to add to your wig collection. With so many benefits such as protective styling, saving time and money, as well as the options of styles and colors, it's so worth it. If you're getting a braided wig for the first time, be sure to use the maintenance tips mentioned above to improve its durability.



  • Always put your BRAIDED WIGS on a mannequin’s head or hang upright, to avoid your wig being folded and scattered when your done with it for the day.
  • Use your fingers to finger comb your braided wig downwards to maintain style.
  • If your braided wig looks shattered at the tips, then deep the lower part of the wig in hot water for 5 seconds to straighten out the tips.
  • Do not squeeze out with hand or towel.
  • Finger comb your braided wig downwards and blow dry on the lowest heat or leave it to dry (best option).
  • Spray your braided wig with very little amount of hair spray / oil sheen since its still brand new to keep it shining.
  • Apply hair mousse when hair starts to flake up
  • Remove glue the same day you take off your wig with either water or rubbing alcohol 
  • if ends start to curl up , please add cold water to your kettle and boil it . Wait till it’s finished and pour the hot water into a bucket or container. slowly dip your braids into the hot water for 5 minutes until straightened. Dry off ends with dry towel  in a downwards motion and hang on mannequin or hanger to dry.  
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