About Us

Quality , Easy And Ready To Wear ! 


Laced Braids was born to make it easier for individuals to wear any braided or loc style they desire !, without the pain , time and constant spending. In 2020, Natalie started making her first ever braided wig in her bedroom , just as an experiment ,out of boredom ! Not having a clue about braided wigs! (check out the first ever wig she made and wore below) - I AM MY OWN CUSTOMER ;)

She then started wearing the wigs outside just for fun and received so many compliments from her friends, families and even strangers on the streets!

Believe it or not , those wonderful strangers on the street asked for her contact details so that they could have that exact wig too !. She never knew this was what many were looking for , she had no idea what change and difference she could make for people ! She asked and listened to their story, found out what type of style they wanted and produced it! . This started as a side hussle and then became a business to help people with that go through pain in the salon , spend £60 to £100 every month for new braided looks to even wasting 6 to 8 hours to look beautiful in a salon seat.

Laced Braids was made to help you, as we understand the strain and time required to achieve a fashionable stylish look. 

Saving you the trouble means a lot to us. When we help you , we are happy. Being able to give you a braided wig that you could wear in minutes and giving you a wig worth your money is what Laced Braids is all about. As a company, we strive to give our customers the most realistic, affordable and ready to wear wigs. We want to give you the best customer service and customer satisfaction so you leave happy knowing your money was worth every penny. You are important to us!