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Are you tired of constantly going to the salon ?! Well this wig, is going to help with that.

Description : 

Braiding your hair can is undoubtedly one of the most time-consuming processes you can think of. From the process of combing out the extensions to braiding a single strand and several strands before it is finally completed. You might have spent almost 6-7 hours on a chair depending on your preferred style. Also, your stylist might end up creating the wrong style, which is frustrating.

Braided wigs are an important part of effectively protecting your natural hair, especially during the winter. There are a few reasons why braided wigs are much better. You might be wondering what is so special about these wigs. If you are skeptical about getting your first braided wigs, here are a few benefits you can get from using these wigs;

- Braided wigs are great for protective styling; Protective Styling is very important,. especially for women with natural hair. The less manipulation you subject your hair to, the more your hair grows healthy and long

- Braided wigs save time: Saving time is important, especially if you lead an active life that doesn't give you enough time to sit for hours.

- Less manipulation and pain: Although there are hair stylists that are light when they braid, having your hair manipulated for hours will definitely leave you in pain.


How it Works:  

 One of the many benefits of using braided wigs is the durability you get to enjoy as you use it. However, the durability is often tied to how well you maintain the wigs.

    To help you out, here are the best tips you can use to maintain your braided wigs.

- Use warm water 

- Apply mousse 

- Use a good shampoo

- Avoid heating Equipment

-Avoid sleeping with your wig on 

- Always try to hang your braids  

Key Features: 

  • Easier to handle
  • Lighter and comfortable 
  • Can be styled however you want it
  • Much more durable
  • Easier to maintain


This Wig is 36 inches and is a 13x4 frontal with a density of 150%. The braid colour is 1💋.


Just to let you know, it takes 2 to 3 days for your payment to process. Once your payment is processed, your wig is shipped out. The UK and International Delievery take 2 to 4 days shipping. We only ship with DHL



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