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Cap Size

Look at our unique 3 TONED OMBRE FULL LACE WIG .😍

This is the best mixture when you can’t decide whether you want just black or blonde or brown 😫. MIGHT ASWELL HAVE THEM ALL! 

Onika Gives that SCALP EFFECT ! All over , you can style however you want without worrying whether your tracks , net or Conrows would show. She’s amazing and helps those that have had hair loss or had to start a fresh.

💆🏾‍♀️🧑🏾‍🦲I know hair loss is hard especially when it’s unexpected , but don’t feel sad because we are here to comfort you and help you through your journey of regaining that confidence back. While your treating your hair and making it better you can desire the look you want at the same time. LET YOUR HAIR GROW AND LET YOUR CONFIDENCE GLOW ✨

Length comes exactly the same as picture  


How do I find my wig size? |

Capsize: ALL CAPS COME IN ONE SIZE AS THEY ARE ADJUSTABLE. You can make it tight or loose 

All wigs dispatch within 1-7 days if not ready to ship




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